Manipulative Therapist and Healer (now a retired chiropractor)
After 45 years of practising chiropractic, I have asked for a voluntary de-registration from the General Chiropractic Council. This has been confirmed and will be in place from 31st December 2020. It means that I will no longer be legally entitled to describe myself as any kind of chiropractor or practise as a chiropractor. I have, in recent years, increasingly developed alongside chiropractic into the wider fields of manipulative therapy and healing, applying aspects of my knowledge and experience over a variety of healing disciplines. In future I shall be applying be applying the knowledge and experience that I have gained alongside chiropractic in the fields of manipulative therapy and healing, all aimed at the holistic relief of pain and discomfort.
Practising her father's technique since 1975
My association with Chiropractic has been over more than sixty years, having been maintained in health by chiropractic treatment throughout life. Much of this was treatment from John McTimoney himself, and as I grew up, I watched his career and vast experience developing, saw him pioneer his development of the treatment for horses and other animals, and helped him found and run his Chiropractic School and Association.


Pauline McTimoney

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